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Iran Ups Non-Oil Exports to Qatar

(FNA)- Iran has increased the value and volume of its non-oil exports to Qatar in a period of seven months, a provincial official announced.
“Iran exported non-oil goods to Qatar worth over $2.9 from the Southern port of Shiv Parsian over last seven months,” Deputy Head of Hormuzgan Industry, Mine and Trade Department Mohammad Abbasi said.

Abbasi noted that most of the exported commodities to Qatar included fruits, vegetables and salt, and said, “The exported non-oil goods weighed 576,000 tons.”

In a relevant development in late October, an economic delegation left Iran for Qatar to meet with Qatari officials and businessmen and discuss the ways to further develop bilateral economic relations.

Head of Bushehr Province Industry, Mine and Trade Organization Hossein Hosseini Mohammadi broke the news on Monday, adding that the Iranian delegation is comprised of private-sector entrepreneurs and state officials.

According to Hosseini Mohammadi, the visit aims at bolstering commercial relations with Qatar and resolving problems relevant to business between the two countries.

He added that increasing non-oil exports from the Southern province of Bushehr to Qatar and clearing barriers obstructing trade between Iran and Qatar are atop the agenda of the trip.

Hosseini Mohammadi noted that recent developments in the foreign relations of Qatar including the imposition of economic sanctions by some Persian Gulf states against it, has given way to Iran for broadening political, economic and commercial relations with it.

Over the past six months, more than 36,000 tons of goods worth $57 million have been exported from Bushehr to Qatar, he further recounted.